Transceiver TX/RX

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  • Lumenradio: Timo Two Chip
  • Power Protection: Overvoltage protected power input
  • Operation temp range: -20C to 40C (-4F to 122F) [Ambient temperature]
  • Environmental: Recommended for indoor use only (Not Weatherproof)
  • Frequency range:402 to 2.480 GHz
  • Output power levels: 15mW, 40mW, 100mW
  • Voltage operation: 5v USB or 5v – 24v (Note: NOT both at the same time)
  • Mobile App Operation: Bluetooth (eg Luminair or Blackout etc)
  • Operates: With all other CRMX Devices (Please make sure all devices are on the same Firmware) (Update via the CRMX Toolbox App)
  • DMX: 5pin Female (Note: Use Male to Male 5pin Turnaround to plug into Console for Transmitter)
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