The Brain 8A Decoder

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Used for 1-6 colour(Channel) Fixtures or Multiple Lamps (eg. 2x 3-colour, 3x 2-colour, 6x 1-colour, 1x 4-colour + 2x 1-colour, etc, many options available to just running 1x 1-colour from just 1x THE BRAIN, if required add more ‘THE BRAINs’ linked via Wirelessly or with DMX, Ethernet cables and Address ‘THE BRAINs’ and connect to your console for more channels and run your console wirelessly.) Built in effects adjustable Speed & Intensity (Fire effect, Lightning, etc)

  • Both 12volt and 24volt
  • 30KHz Flicker Free
  • 8A per Channel, x 6 Channels
  • Easy to install
  • User Friendly
  • Same size as a mobile phone
  • Compatible with other LED fixtures
  • DMX 512 protocol
  • Grand Master giving overall intensity of every channel
  • Built in CCT with Digital Reading
  • Built in Effects
  • 2.4G Wireless, 7 different frequencies
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