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CRMX Snowy Wireless Control Panel
See the operation section for details on how to Link and Unlink CRMX Snowy Wireless

Power On/Off

Power On – by pressing and holding its LINK Button for 5 seconds until the LEDs light up
Power Off – by pressing and holding its LINK Button for 5 seconds until the LEDs turn off


A Snowy Wireless can LINK with another Lumenradio CRMX units


  1. Power on the Snowy Wireless you would like to connect (Receiver/RX)
  2. Configure the Snowy Wireless for RX/TX mode (Using CRMX Toolbox App)
  3. Ensure the STATUS LEDs on all Receivers/RX’s are off. If necessary follow UNLINK process.
  4. Press and release the LINK Button on the Transmitter/TX (Transmitter will search for any
    Unlinked receivers for 10 seconds then resume normal operations)
  5. Status and Signal LEDs will light up when successful LINKing in Colour of Universe


  • UNLINK one Receiver/RX
    1. On the Receiver/RX press and hold LINK Button for more then 3 seconds until
      STATUS LED lights up. Once you release LINK Button the STATUS LED will then turn
  • UNLINK all Receivers RX
    1. On the Transmitter/TX press and hold the LINK Button for more then 3 seconds until
      the STATUS LED lights up, all the receivers will be unlinked

Flex Modes

Receiver/RX Mode – Mode LED displays Yellow

Transmitter/TX Mode – Mode LED displays Red

Universe Colour

To help keep track of which Universe the Transceiver belongs too, you can use colour pairing
function in the CRMX Toolbox App

  1. Open App and select which Transmitter/TX to change
  2. Select Settings, and select colour of your choice
  3. The STATUS LED on the Transmitter/TX will now display your selected colour
  4. All Receivers/RX’s linked to this Transmitter/TX will also show your selected colour
    (All Receivers/RX’s until changed will show Green by default)
Power Protection Overvoltage protected power input
Operation temp range -20C to 40C (-4F to 122F) [Ambient temperature]
Environmental Recommended for indoor use only (Not Weatherproof)
Frequency range 2.402 to 2.480 GHz
Output power levels 15mW, 40mW, 100mW
Voltage operation 5v USB or 5v – 24v (Note: NOT both at the same time)
Mobile App Operation Bluetooth (eg Luminair or Blackout etc)
Operates With all other CRMX Devices (Please make sure all devices are on the same Firmware) (Update via the CRMX Toolbox App)
DMX 5pin Female (Note: Use Male to Male 5pin Turnaround to plug into Console for Transmitter)
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