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Great Asset to Your Production or Team

Having both the skill set to work both Off Set and On Set is very unique.

Having a wealth of knowledge for each piece of equipment, system, control, rigs, cameras, management of crew and safety, believe I can be a great asset to any production or team. 

If I can help you on your next project or production or sourcing of equipment or helping you bring your project to life please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m all about helping


On Set puts the final product together for the camera. Levels, Direction, Hard or Soft light, Colour, Depth etc. Without knowledge of how to use or change each option or correct it from the Off Set crew can easily add alot of stand down time and comprise safety to production.


Off Set puts the broad strokes in as to speak, but yet giving the correct tools for the requirement of the On set team and Camera. Without this knowledge becomes a very costly, time consuming issue for production and creates conflict within the production.

I have worked on Films and TV Shows as shown on

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