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Gaffer, Rigging Gaffer, Underwater Gaffer

My name is Mark Levey and commonly know as ‘Snowy’. I have been doing Film & TV Lighting/Rigging for 25 years. I basically fell in the industry from plugging in and out Par Cans from a powerboard for my brother in laws band when I was 17, to working in TV, Events, Rock’n’Roll for a Lighting company learning about DMX and Control. 

The particular Lighting company is no longer, but near the end, the company had started moving into Film work also. Many of the people that worked for this company are now still in this field and are now, forged their own paths within the industry. 

As many of us, it has taken me to many parts of the globe, to work in some magically places with such wonderful people, with many experiences I will always cherish.

The Birth of Proficient Light

The reason I started Proficient Light was not to make a fortune (though would definitely help as we all know), but was to help all of us lighting crews and inturn the productions, to make it more efficient and easier for us all. My method of madness is just trying to help in anyway, and if I can help or you think we could help in anyway please don’t hesitate to ask, we and I would be more then happy to help you.

With LEDs being used more and more on sets, I decided to form my company due to tinkering away at some ideas that turned into products to try and help our Film/TV industry particularly Lighting. There must be something wrong with me as I can’t sit still 😊

LEDs are not new to us at Proficient Light, we have a wealth of knowledge from innovation, supply, efficiency, electricity, electronics, installing, rigging and control. We have been thoroughly involved in bringing LED into the Film and Television industry.


The experience I have gained from many of years Off Set Rigging as a Rigging Gaffer, Crew Chief many on Multi Million Dollar Budgets. Involving Machines, Machine Rigs, Cranes, Crane Rigs, DMX, Networking, Control, Prac Lighting etc.

I have also worked On-Set around the Camera as a: Lighting Director(TV), Gaffer, Underwater Gaffer, Best Boy etc for many years also, many of which have been Multi Million Dollar Budgets. I have also been involved in many TV Commercials.

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