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We bring ideas and innovation to help make Film, TV, commercials & other industries lighting more Proficient.

The benefit of Proficient Light; We work on and off sets also. We know what we are all asked or need to achieve on the spot and some products that some suppliers supply are just not quite right for what we require for that particular shot, from weight, convenience, rigging and more.

At Proficient Light, we have a wealth of knowledge from innovation, supply, efficiency, electricity, electronics, installing, rigging and control.


Using Lumenradio's CRMX Timo Two Chip to use as a RX/TX, easily updated firmware from CRMX Toolbox app. Fits in with all other CRMX Technology

Lightweight, Small, Adaptable, Receiver or Transmitter, Powered by 5v-30v DC option, LEDs to easily tell if any issues (RF Link, Linked, Status, RDM, DMX, Power and Signal Strength), External Aerial for maximum range.

The Brain

Endless Possibilities with
“THE BRAIN” series

“THE BRAIN” was created from being on set, realising there has to be a better way.

They save you time, embarrassment, they are mobile and less components required with more options to give you benefits of making the show happen ‘Proficiently’.

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